Superior Faculty Advisor Award

The FMA Superior Faculty Advisor Award recognizes outstanding FMA faculty advisors who have made meaningful contributions to their FMA student chapter through their involvement.

Nomination Process (Deadline: Friday, 1 May 2020)

To be eligible for consideration, a faculty advisor must have had at least three (3) consecutive years of service as an advisor of an FMA chapter. The chapter must:

  • Be an active FMA chapter
  • Have current FMA members in good standing

To nominate an advisor, the chapter should complete the following nomination form by:

  • Uploading a letter of recommendation, signed by a chapter officer
  • Including a summary of the contributions made by the advisor to the chapter
  • Uploading a professional head shot of the advisor (optional)
Superior Faculty Advisor Nomination Form

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Superior Faculty Advisor Award Recipients:

  • Dr. Lee Dunham, Creighton University
  • Dr. Mahdy Elhusseiny, California State University Bakersfield
  • Dr. Tracy Richard, Auburn University
  • Dr. Wenjin Tang, Zhongnan University of Economics & Law
  • Dr. Reilly White, University of New Mexico


Please contact FMA Student Programs at 813.974.2084 or [email protected].