Superior Chapter Award

The highest honor for an FMA Student Chapter or Honor Society is the attainment of the "Superior Chapter" designation. With over 175 active student chapters, less than 10% receive this honor each year.

Eligibility Requirements & Application (submission deadline is Friday, 3 May 2024)

During these unprecedented times, we understand your chapter activities may have been affected. We want to help you achieve these recognitions. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding any of the award requirements. 

The multi-step application may only be submitted once. Therefore, please have all materials ready before starting the application. The application includes:

Part I. Nomination of an Outstanding Financial Executive (speaker or community leader): Include name, affiliation & email address

Part II. Nomination of a Professional Honor Society Member (university official or faculty member.): Include name, affiliation & email address

Part III. Superior Chapter Criteria Checklist & Chapter Materials Upload

  1. Complete the online FMA Chapter Information Sheet.
  2. Recruit a minimum of 10 new student members to FMA International during the academic year. 
  3. Complete four (4) of the activities listed below.
    1. Creation and maintenance of a chapter website (provide link)
    2. Student attendance at the 2024 FMA Finance Leaders' Conference in New York, NY (FMA International will confirm attendance)
    3. Student attendance at the 2023 FMA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (FMA International will confirm attendance)
    4. Publication of a chapter newsletter (upload sample)
    5. Minimum of 8 speaker/career development programs during the academic year (can be virtual)
    6. Minimum of 2 financial institution/corporate tours during the academic year
    7. Publication of a chapter resume book (upload sample)
    8. Host a local career fair
    9. Submission of 2 press releases regarding chapter activities during the academic year (upload sample as one PDF)
    10. Other activity worthy of consideration
Superior Chapter Submission

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Superior Chapter Award Winning Chapters


Please contact FMA Student Programs at 833.946.4512 or [email protected]